Product Detail

GCS-6000 Rotary Drum Grain Cleaner

About Product

Rotary drum grain cleaner combines principles of air cleaning and screen cleaning into one system. The machine can clean out light chaff and larger foreign materials such as straw, whitecaps, etc at the same time. It provides a user with multiple adjustment options such as screen size, angle at which the drum is operating and speed of drum rotation (rpm). Rotary drum seed cleaner is fairly quiet in operation and produces no vibration that is present in other screen type cleaners. Its self cleaning mechanisms in form of brushes and rollers ensure the screens don’t get plugged up and affect cleaner’s operation. Rotary drum grain cleaner enable grain producers to clean high moisture crops at high capacities.

Technical Details

  • Productivity 6,000 bushels / hour
  • Length 303 in
  • Width 131 in
  • Height 210 in
  • Weight 11000 lb
  • Power 20 hp
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