Scalper Advantage

Introduced in 2017 GCS – Scalper has been a great addition to already strong line up of grain cleaning equipment offered by Grain Cleaning, LLC. GCS – Scalper can be used as an additional tool in grain cleaning process. When a sample is dirtier than average and includes pods, sticks, unthreashed heads then a use of the scalper is highly recommended. By running the sample through GCS – Scalper it will help the performance of the main fan-powered GCS grain cleaner.

It’s important to recognize that the use of a scalper is not required in all instances, it’s only when a specific problem exists and in most cases it is a result of a combine setting that is not properly functioning. GCS – Scalper can be mounted on top of the GCS grain cleaner or can be set beside the main unit depending on user preference.

GCS – Scalper has received tremendous feedback from the farming industry so far and we plan to continue providing innovative products that help farmers and businesses alike with the challenges they face in their grain cleaning needs.