Your Grain Cleaning Solution

  • Cleaning Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin and Fusarium out of grain
  • Cleaning Ergot, Wild Oats and Weed Seeds out of grain
  • Intercropping cleaning and separating
  • Cleaning for seed
  • Portable options

Grain Cleaning Solutions for Ag Industry

Fan Powered Grain Cleaner

Fan powered “GCS” grain cleaners revolutionize seed cleaning as we know it today by providing technology that brings simplicity, low initial cost and low energy consumption to farming industry. The ease of transition between crops is taking the complexity out of seed cleaning and puts the farmers in a position of power and control over their crops. Cleaning aflatoxin, vomitoxin and fusarium out of grain are just a few examples of solutions provided by GCS fan powered seed cleaner. Whether you are a large corporation or a small farmer, with a line-up of different models ranging from 200 bu/hr up to 2,200 bu/hr we will find the right grain cleaning solution for your operation.

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Screen Grain Cleaner

High capacity rotary drum grain cleaners, traditional screen cleaners and scalpers are all makeup of our Screen Grain Cleaner lineup of machinery. Durability, accuracy, user friendliness, low initial cost and low energy consumption are at the forefront of all of these systems. With a number of screens packaged with each machine Ag producers can tackle variety of grain cleaning scenarios they face each year. Besides the more traditional screen cleaner, GCS Scalper serves as a great pre-cleaning option which can be added to a line of other seed cleaning equipment. For large producers such as grain elevators, rotary drum seed cleaners offer an option for higher capacities depending on the business and its needs.

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Color Sorter

In order to meet today’s high standards of both food and agricultural industries, businesses increasingly rely on color sorting equipment which is being integrated into their daily processes. By becoming a distributor of AMD color sorting machinery, GCS team is providing cost effective optical sorting solutions while still delivering a product that utilizes latest technology. Leveraging artificial intelligence functionality provides users with ability to precisely identify materials that need to be rejected during the sorting process. Cleaning Ergot and Wild Oats out of grain are just a few examples of solutions provided by AMD Color Sorters.

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