Your Grain Cleaning Solution

  • Cleans Aflatoxin, Vomitoxin and Fusarium out of grain
  • High capacity Scalper designed for GCS grain cleaner
  • UL/CUL/CSA certified
  • Cleans for seed
  • Low energy and maintenance cost

Grain Cleaning Solution for Farming Industry

Fan powered “GCS” grain cleaners revolutionize seed cleaning as we know it today by providing technology that brings simplicity, low initial cost and low energy consumption to farming industry. Without having to deal with any type of screens enables the end user to spend more time on farming and other value adding activities. The ease of transition from one crop to another is really taking the complexity out of grain cleaning and puts the farmers in a position of power and control over their crops.

Often customers turn to our product in the most desperate times when their crop gets infested with some type of a disease. Whether it is vomitoxin or aflatoxin issue in the US or fusarium problem in Canada “GCS” grain cleaners are enabling farmers with tools necessary to combat those difficult circumstances. Flexibility of the machines provides our customers with capability to separate out the infested grains and navigate around some of those serious conditions present in their grains and still end up with great results after running the product through the seed cleaner.

Grain Cleaning, LLC offers solutions in grain cleaning to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Whether you are a large corporation or a small farmer we will find the right grain cleaning solution for your operation. With a line-up of different models we make it possible to clean grain from anywhere between 200 bu/hr going up to 2,200 bu/hr. With the addition of GCS Scalper and Color Sorter to our line of equipment, we are truly proud to be a one-stop destination for all of your grain cleaning needs.

What Our Clients Say

Doug is farming in Outlook, MT growing peas, lentils, canola, durum wheat and flax. He decided to invest in a GCS-1400 grain cleaner during second half of 2016. With about 100,000 bushels needing to clean on annual basis Doug is saving on average $50,000 a year by cleaning grain himself and not having to contract out the job. Watch Doug tell his story and how GCS grain cleaner turned to be a great solution for his farming operation.


Outlook, MT

Watch Daryn’s success story from Westby, MT who shared his thoughts on GCS-1400 grain cleaner and how his return on investment paid off almost instantaneously. The cleaner has been a great solution to the Vomitoxin disease and helps him ensure that his grain is fully marketable. Additionally, Daryn is able to sell his grain as a higher grade due to the grain cleaner’s ability to grade and not only clean the grain.


Westby, MT

Visited with Terry, owner of GCS-2200 grain cleaner from Raymond, MT who shared his thoughts and experiences with GCS grain cleaner. The cleaner has been a great solution to the Vomitoxin disease and helps him ensure that his grain is fully marketable. Terry likes the portability aspect of the machine and how flexible it is in working on a number of different crops such as peas, lentils, durum, flax and corn. According to Terry, the machine not only paid for itself in the 3 months that he has owned it but it already started to make money for his operation.


Raymond, MT

Proud owner of his GCS-2200 grain cleaner, Greg from Plentywood, MT shared his thoughts on the cleaner and how his decision to invest in GCS brand has paid off. The cleaner has been a great solution to the Vomitoxin disease and helps him ensure that his grain is fully marketable after initially having 5-7 ppm vomitoxin lelvels in his durum. Additionally, Greg is able to use the grain cleaner to clean for seed which he considers to be an extra bonus. Excellent customer service from GCS team has been a big reason for his overall satisfaction with the product.


Plentywood, MT

All hemp growers are faced with a tricky proposition of cleaning their crop during harvest. Listen to Charlie’s story – a small producer out of Minnesota who is utilizing GCS grain cleaner in his operation. Combination of fan-powered grain cleaner with the GCS Scalper enables Charlie to take care of his crop right as he harvests it.


Waconia, MN

Hal’s story exemplifies what GCS brand is all about. His investment into GCS-1400 grain cleaner paid off right away and he upgraded to GCS-2200 grain cleaner. His experience with the GCS team has been very positive so that he decided to get involved and help promote the product and help local farmers in his state battle such diseases as vomitoxin, ergot or simply cleaning grain.


Bowbells, ND

David is a producer out of North Dakota who is mainly growing lentils and he has been using GCS-750 grain cleaner to clean his crop. If quality of grain (how dirty the sample is) doesn’t meet certain requirements it can result in dockage fees that cost farmers lots of money, in David’s case up to 20% of the price of the grain. Thus using GCS cleaning equipment turned to be a great saving opportunity for David’s farm operation and help pay for the cleaner in one season.


Northeastern Montana

Tom being one of the first farmers who bought the GCS grain cleaner has truly tested the machine’s capabilities of being so agile and flexible so that he has cleaned a wide variety of crops over the years. Corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, flax and canola are some of the crops he has first hand experience with and has benefited from owning the machine.


Butte, ND