GCS Rotary Drum Grain Cleaner

Rotary drum grain cleaner combines principles of air cleaning and screen cleaning into one system. The machine can clean out light chaff and larger foreign materials such as straw, whitecaps, etc at the same time. It provides a user with multiple adjustment options such as screen size, angle at which the drum is operating and Read More

GCS Screen Grain Cleaner

GCS is proud to be adding a screen seed cleaner to its lineup. Designed for stationary use this screen grain cleaner is a perfect solution for all kinds of grain cleaning scenarios where separating small and large pieces at the same time is necessary. This well build durable grain cleaner is a perfect fit for Read More

NEW!!! – GCS Scalper

Please check out a new addition to GCS family of grain cleaning equipment, our brand new GCS Scalper. In addition to the main fan-powered grain cleaner GCS Scalper will help provide farmers a powerful combination in their grain cleaning process.

See us in Regina, SK at Farm Progress Show on June 20-22, 2018

For the 6th year in a row we will be attending one of the biggest shows in Canada. GCS-200 grain cleaner will be in our booth and we will be running all kinds of samples through the machine. Please stop by and see for yourself what GCS grain cleaner can do for your operation. For those interested please bring a sample (5 gal bucket) of your own crop and we’ll be happy to run it for you.