Product Detail

GCS – 200 Grain Cleaner


About Product

The GCS-200 is a small grain cleaner system capable of cleaning up to 200 bushels/hour. In calibration mode (sizing by weight) the unit can operate at a rate of 150 bushels/hour.

This compact grain cleaner is typically designed for farmers operating up to 1,000 acres. The GCS – 200 can be easily switched from crop to crop, which makes this particular model very popular among organic farmers. In recent years, GCS-200 has been a very popular solution for farmers cleaning hemp; with that industry booming we continue to see increased demand for smaller grain cleaners among hemp growers.

Whether you are a burgeoning organic farmer or simply looking for an adaptable model that can easily switch between diverse crops, the GCS-200 could be the right solution. If you would like to learn more about our products, feel free to connect with us at 763-360-1467.

Technical Details

  • Productivity 200 bushels / hour
  • Length 81 in
  • Width 19 in
  • Height 90 in
  • Weight 400 lb
  • Power 3/4 hp
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