Product Detail

GCS-400 Air Screen Grain Cleaner

About Product

Air screen grain cleaner combines both air and screen seed cleaning principles into one system. This model enables producers to achieve high quality cleaning results in one pass through. Ability of the air cleaner to remove chaff, lighter and broken kernels in the initial stage adds great value to the grain cleaning process which is completed with grain making its way through the two screening decks of the main unit. Additionally, grain is being cleaned as it exits the screen cleaner chamber to help remove any remaining light chaff and dust that results from the cleaning process itself. This unit can also be equipped with a cyclone to help remove and control dust and light chaff during the system’s operation. All of this makes GCS-400 air screen grain cleaner a great option for a complete all-in-one seed cleaning setup.

Technical Details

  • Productivity 400 bushels / hour
  • Length 70 in (w/cyclone 102 in)
  • Width 60 in (w/cyclone 60 in)
  • Height 80 in (w/cyclone 124 in)
  • Weight 2,000 lb
  • Power 7 hp
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