Product Detail

GCS-600 Screen Grain Cleaner

About Product

GCS-600 Screen Cleaner is an excellent on farm stand-alone grain cleaner and it helps farmers scalp and sift their grain at the same time. This seed cleaner removes whitecaps, pods, straw, broken kernels, smaller seeds all in one run. GCS equips every screen grain cleaner with a set of screens giving the end user flexibility and options while taking care of their crop. With the recent shift to intercropping, having a cost effective machinery that can handle cleaning variety of grains at high capacity rates is a great value-add solution.

Technical Details

  • Productivity 600 bushels / hour
  • Length 79 in
  • Width 62 in
  • Height 68 in
  • Weight 700 lb
  • Power 1/3 hp
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