GCS Rotary Drum Grain Cleaner

Rotary drum grain cleaner combines principles of air cleaning and screen cleaning into one system. The machine can clean out light chaff and larger foreign materials such as straw, whitecaps, etc at the same time. It provides a user with multiple adjustment options such as screen size, angle at which the drum is operating and speed of drum rotation (rpm). Rotary drum seed cleaner is fairly quiet in operation and produces no vibration that is present in other screen type cleaners. Its self cleaning mechanisms in form of brushes and rollers ensure the screens don’t get plugged up and affect cleaner’s operation. Rotary drum grain cleaners enable grain producers to clean high moisture crops at high capacities. Click the link below to learn more:


GCS Screen Grain Cleaner

GCS is proud to be adding a screen seed cleaner to its lineup. Designed for stationary use this screen grain cleaner is a perfect solution for all kinds of grain cleaning scenarios where separating small and large pieces at the same time is necessary. This well build durable grain cleaner is a perfect fit for commercial use as well as individual farm application. With capacities ranging from 500 bu/hr up to 1,000 bu/hr we are looking to serve variety of customers. Learn more by clicking the following link:



GCS featured at Grainews.ca – Separating the good grains from the bad

Ag In Motion has been a tremendous success for GCS grain cleaning. With the product been featured at www.grainews.ca by Glacier Farm Media we hope to reach the homes of many more farmers and introduce them to the line-up of our grain cleaning solutions. Please take a moment to watch the video about GCS grain cleaners at the following link to learn more:

VIDEO: Separating the good grains from the bad

GCS Story Featured In The Prairie Star

Please check out this article featuring GCS grain cleaners in The Prairie Star by Sue Roesler. Sue goes on to talk about the story behind GCS and what the company does for farming industry and how it enables farmers across different regions growing all sorts of crops. Please take a moment and read about the GCS story by clicking the link below:

GCS grain cleaner a new/old innovation in cleaning